IPhone 5S Clone Review with Apple iPhone 5S Comparison

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iPhone 5S Clone Review with Cupertino (<stro />Apple</strong>) <strong>iPhone</strong>® 5S Comparison” src=”https://i.ytimg.com/vi/j4ChJMtPTAM/default.jpg” /></div>
<p>Mobile Geeks take a look at a Chinese manufactured clone of the Cupertino (<strong>Apple</strong>) <strong>iPhone</strong>® 5s. www.mobilegeeks.com The phone runs <strong>Android</strong>® 4.0.4 with a modified <strong>iOS</strong>® 7(siete) theme, and costs around 0 at one of China’s electronics markets where these devices are often sold. We take a detailed look at the clone, to see how close these copies are to the real thing.</p><div>
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