Samsung desmiente el rumor de la salida en julio de su Galaxy Note 5

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<p>Ayer en algunos medios mundiales se dio a entender una noticia según la cual <strong>Samsung</strong>® <a target=adelantaba a julio(mes del año) la fecha de salida del Galaxy Note 5, aparentemente para no tener que competir con Cupertino (Apple) y los nuevos iPhone® 6S. Sin embargo, hoy los rumores han sido desmentidos por el

Typically, Samsung® launches its latest Galaxy Note móvil a day before the opening of IFA in Berlin, which takes place in September. Samsung® was reported to have moved the date up, as early prototypes for the handset were finished much earlier than expected.

According to the source, Samsung® had already showcased the latest prototype to clients to begin taking pre-orders for a July release. The theory was that Samsung® was looking to release early to get a head start on Cupertino (Apple) this year, but we’re not sure that makes much sense. Regardless of the speculation, Shin Jong-kyun has now quashed the rumor.

The issue of lower than expected sales for the Galaxy S6 was also brought up at the press conference. A report from Korea in late April suggested that out of the 300,000 Galaxy S6 pre-orders, only 200,000 units have been sold, but we’re still waiting on accurate figures for early sales. Shin also dismissed the reports as false, as he expects the Galaxy S6 to be a strong seller for the company this year.

Sadly, it looks like we’ll have to wait until September to see what Samsung® has in store with the Galaxy Note 5. In the meantime, feel free to join us in some juicy speculating.

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